Experimenting with Learning Layers tool

This autumn I have unique chance to be a teacher, not a researcher, who experiments with some technology in course settings. Usually when conducting such case studies, I’m researcher myself and part of the development team. But my colleagues from Learning Layers asked to agree with the experiment and sure, lets try.

The course is “Apprenticeship of educational technology”, where my students are at the practice place for eight weeks and try to get familiar with the role of the educational technologist in educational or other institution. They reflect weekly in their weblogs and perform some tasks that I give them.

This time we will experiment with the Attacher. Without being part of the development team and knowing exactly why this tool is developed, I could say that it supports learning in the community settings. Now besides the reflection-task, students are supposed to find theoretical materials from web related with practice tasks, tag them, share them, browse peers’ materials and reflect about the materials.

The first seminar went well, students agreed to be part of the experiment and lets hope the best for the research team.