Monthly Archives: April 2012

I can’t imagine where the time flows – recent activities

Anyway. I skipped the LAK12 course, although I followed the course to the end, but I did not perform the tasks and so on. But I practiced learning analytics a lot at the same time. That was necessary for my thesis. I analyzed the logging-data from the Elgg system and that was extremely difficult task. But it gave the good overview how the learning analytics could be implemented and why is it good and needed in educational settings. My main aim of this LAK12 course was to get ideas how to teach the learning analytics to our master students and I still have gap here. But it is more caused by the lack of time and because I have not had chances to focus on the preparation of the course so far.

I prepared the article to the ECTEL conference that based on the teachers’ training course conducted in the portfolio-based learning environment. But I withdrew it today. It is my last article of my Phd project and should contain the main message, but I was not pleased with the final result. I was not even happy with the idea that it will be conference paper and not journal one. So now I take some time to work with it.

I have passed all the courses in TLU and I have to finalize my last article. Then I should start writing the analytical part and conclusion of my Phd project. I was a bit confused if I should defend in Tallinn or in Turku. But after discussing with my supervisors I have decided to defend in Tallinn.

Then I have some other articles as well that should be finalized and responded to the reviews. IntelLEO-related activities should be presented and local project is waiting for my contribution.. I don’t want to think about it.

Tomorrow I have presentation at the conference of E-University of Estonia. There I introduce the theoretical learning and knowledge building model in teacher professional development.