Trial in the context of my thesis and IntelLEO

Since in the mid of the October, we are conducting a trial in the IntelLEO project and this trial is directly connected with my thesis. I even hoped to get the main data-set from this trial. Trial has got too aims: testing the technology-supported theoretical learning and knowledge building model (SECI phases) and to test the full-prototypes of IntelLEO tools.

The beginning of the testing has been hard. More than months of activities and actually from the project aspect we have nothing done yet, because technology has let us down repeatedly. Quite difficult technological tools, concept of learning paths and public reflections have influenced the teachers’ motivation a lot. Several times I have spent my nights wondering how to motivate teachers to continue, because out of 23 teachers six have left. I have also thinking should we design second trial, but how to do it. It has been very stressful – on one hand scaffolding teachers and on the other hand keep testing the system, identifying the bugs and to constantly thinking shall I get something for my thesis or not.

Same time I’m conducting meta-study about SECI model for one doctoral compendium. I studied more than 60 papers about SECI model and only 19 of them used empirical testing in their studies, rest of them were conceptual papers. Most of these 19 studies used observations of workplace processes and questionnaires to study if the SECI processes take place in organization. That made me quite excited, because our study seems to be therefore quite innovative – we analyze the system (log-information) in order to analyze how much teachers create learning assets, learn from each other, socialize, collaboratively work together etc.

And few days ago I discovered that 4-5 one out of my 17 teachers have opened up – they have hit the point and all SECI phases have started to occur and it has become exciting for them. So, from the project aspect, I don’t have anything positive to say yet, we have not started to use right technologies yet. But from my thesis aspect, I feel like I won the prize – if to scaffold them, facilitate, explain, direct, support – then finally it starts working and they spontaneously performed the actions that I even did not dare to hope. Good!


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