How many weblogs learner should have?

I was wondering here, how many weblogs is optimal for learner? I have one weblog for learning purposes, one weblog for personal purposes. For each course that I teach myself, I have also separate weblogs. But when I started learning in my master program in 2006, I had several weblogs for learning purposes. I can’t remember why it was so, but I had at least three weblogs and now they are all closed. I closed them because I was ashamed of my learning process. Now I feel sad about it, it would have been important to save all the development process in the same place through my master thesis journey and Phd journey.

This week I had lecture with mainly the first year IT-students and they were supposed the create weblog for themselves where to present all the individual assignments. One of them already had weblog, actually five of them, different weblog for each course that he was attending. I asked why do you have five different weblogs, isn’t it confusing? He said that it helps to organize things, he knows better where is the needed information, learning materials, links and feedback from facilitator. It suits better for him if he does not have to look from one weblog years back to find one blogpost. I suggested to use categories, different category to different course, but he did not agree. Well, fine.

I also had seminar with the second year master students of educational technology. They are entering to practice now and should document their practice process in their weblogs. They have used in several different courses weblogs and therefore I assumed they all have it. And again I discovered that many of them are using different weblogs for different courses and for the practice, they also tend to create new one.

Why is it so? Am I only facilitator who encourages them to use the same weblog throughout the studies? It is not just a suggestion, but I have tried it out myself and years later you do not have enough organization and systematic approach to your development..


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