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Second study year over

Here I made some plans for my second study year.

* I wanted to finish my article about theoretical LKB model that I started in the autumn 2009. Well, I had to rejections from journals. From the third one I got quite critical review and during next week I should submit the renewed version of my article. So this task is not accomplished yet.
* I hoped that a book chapter to PLE book will be published. But unfortunately the delay is still delay and we are still waiting since October new reviews. Not accomplished.
* Paper about accreditation to CSEDU conference was accepted and it is also presented already. I hope that it will be indexed with the Thomas Reuters also, but probably it won’t be. Accomplished. But as it is without indexing, then I am not completely happy with this achievement.
* I hoped to prepare article about implementation framework of LKB model in technological environment. I have not even started it. We started to develop the instrument for data collection, but it is not ready yet also. Not accomplished.
* Participation in Debra summer-school. Not accomplished as it did not take place.
* I had fuzzy idea of article about implementing LKB model in induction year context. Well, with Kai and Eve we prepared it yesterday I submitted it to journal. It was an interesting paper actually, I got experiences with data analysis in SPSS and learnt how to “read” those numbers. I remember that day when I saw behind the numbers the story about teachers and since that day SPSS is not my enemy, but rather interesting helping hand. Partly accomplished.
* Article about Koolielu together with Martin and Mart. Well, actually I don’t know the current situation. I started it, forwarded it to them and since that (October) I have not heard about it. Not accomplished.
* Trial in Haapsalu. Conducted and it was more successful and last time. Although the data collection process is not sufficient, students activity to response to my feedback questionnaire was low. Accomplished.
* Course about qualitative research methods in TLU. Accomplished. As my son was born in the same week when the final seminar was conducted, I was not able to participate there, therefore the grade is just “good”, but does in count in Phd studies at all… Accomplished.
* Second trial of course about e-portfolio for in-service teachers. Conducted successfully. This course is dear to me and I have sometimes terribly sorry that I am not able to produce some good article about the course, because of lack of data. I should design the course somehow differently I guess.. Accomplished.
* Master students. Priit had actually three master students this year who wanted to defend the thesis. Together we worked on the papers, although Priit was official supervisor. One of them wrote about implementing m-learning in private sector as opportunity for training the sales staff. I actually think that this was quite good paper and the grade was “very good”. Another one prepared instructional learning material about architectural Solutions in the Virtual World of Second Life. That was terribly weak piece of paper and should not have been defend at all. Grade was D. Today the last one should be presented about implementing m-learning in school. I think that grade will be C. The paper was not bad, but the defender herself is quite shy and.. well lets see. Anyway it was an interesting experience. Accomplished.
– presentation in Kerg seminar. Not accomplished. The seminar itself did not happen also actually.
– contribution to IntelLEO. Probably did not accomplished.. Although I have been participated in testings and preparing some things here and there, but it is not enough.

What else happened:

* Together with Terje and Hans, WS paper was presented to iCalt and accepted.
* Paper was also presented to Ec-tel, but I just received the rejection. Now I am considering if I should present it to somewhere else..
* Together with Terje, Mart and Hans, paper about Digimina project and teacher educational technology competences was started. Planning to present it to some conference now.
* I presented a paper to Estonian journal “Haridus” which is currently under review.
* I was one of the lecturer in our institute’s course “intelligent using of computer”. My role was to introduce the concept of personal learning environment and e-portfolio.
* I reviewed one of the master thesis. It was about how youngsters are using social software for preparing the home tasks.
* Together with Mart we prepared the document for TigerLeap Foundation about Estonian Teachers Educational Technology Competences. I was not responsible for developing the competence model, rather I analysed the current situation, concept of competences, how to measure competences etc. That gave me good insight into this subject

* I received some credits about the qualitative research method course (4 ECTS), for preparing the articles (4 ECTS), for reviewing the master thesis (3 ECTS), for pedagogical activities (3 ECTS) and for participation in seminar (2 ECTS).

As a conclusion:
* I received 16 ECTS. Good!
* I have two publications that are accepted. One of them is not connected with my thesis (iCalt). Other one does not have needed indexation (CSEDU). Therefore the benefit of them is not huge.
* I have three publications under review in journals, all of them important for my thesis.
* I have some articles (Koolielu, implementation framework, ple chapter) waiting for something.

In summer:

I should prepare my courses for autumn: e-portfolio course, practice of educational technologists, learning analytics and intelligent using of computer.

Prepare next phase of data collection for my studies. My biggest concern is that I have some publications that contain information about current state of affairs and some expectations. But there is should take place so-called next phase.

Finish the data collection and data analyse of ePoABI project.

Start some new article. I started working on one, but again, this is about current state of affairs. Good topic and interesting results, but..

On one had, my son was born 7 months ago and still I have something to present. On the other hand, I wish I had some more articles that are related with my studies, something more tangible.