Monthly Archives: November 2010

First experience with quantitative data

It is almost a month since my son born and I have had a little time to have a look on my research again. As I have not had any experience with analyzing the quantitative data and software SPSS so far, I started experimenting with it. This is probably most difficult activity so far during my studies.

The goal was to analyse the questionnaire that was filled in by more than hundred induction year teachers. The main aim of the study was to find out what different activities of induction year teachers can be distinguished in terms of SECI model.

Under Kai’s supervision, millions of advices and tips, we conducted correlation analyses and factor analyses. That was not so difficult part and most of the time I understood what I was doing. But when we wanted to see what kind of different teacher types can be distinguished as probably not all of them share the learning materials with colleagues or reflect about their professional development, it became too difficult for me. Cluster analyses, Anova, discriminant, alscal – these are the keywords that made me feel the dumbest in the world. I tried and tried, I even wrote down something, but my contribution was clearly too weak. This is something that needs to be developed quite soon.