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Personal Learning Environment – definition

This post does not focus on the definition of PLE from my own point of view, it is just a little insight to my collegues’ activities.

I am finishing the chapter to an e-book, and my chapter focus’ on course design in PLE and how the PLE can be supported with technologically with the e-portfolio solution. My first review was quite critical and among other remarks, one of the strongest argument was that PLE is not the same as e-portfolio and I should make clear distinguish between those two concepts.

And moment ago, I just had an intresting experience đŸ™‚ I read the blogs of my two favourite collegues who participated in PLE conference this year – Hans and Terje both reflected about the experience and also tried to define the PLE concept from their point of view. Terje relies on the same definitation as I did in my chapter, according to what PLE is a potential (personal learning) environment for a particular learning activity is made of all the resources (artefacts, natural objects, people) that an individual is aware of and has access to at a given point in time and that s/he can turn into instruments to mediate her actions (Fiedler & Pata, 2009). On the other hand Hans tends to believe that PLE is rather a collection of tools as tools and resources have a major role in every learning environment

I think it is really intresting that in our research group we have different views on the same things and same time we do not disagree with each other strongly. Different insights and approaches rather expand the idea. I really enjoy Hans’ approach, according to what we should not focus so much on personalization than openess in PLE. I agree with it.