Feedback for my research plan

Today I had a chance to present my research plan again in the doctoral seminar of educational sciences. Peers and facilitator suggested me to think about on following aspects:

– Why is the SECI model the best theoretical baseline?

– Maybe I should focus also on communities of practice, Lave & Wenger etc..?

– How do I measure that portfolio supports the professional development of teachers? Do those teachers, who does not use technology, are less supported or less developed? Are they less competent teachers therefore?

– Privacy issues and ownership in my portfolio-based learning environment

And sure, the eternal of issue of teachers’ using technology and e-portfolio in my study. There are still too many people who believe that teachers do not start using technology in their professional activities and it influences my study a lot. I was also said that if I have one teacher during my studies, who has agreed using portfolio with her students in school practice, it is not something to make conclusions. After the enthusiastic teacher leaves, I have nothing left. I agree with it, I have lot of hope that there will much more teachers in my study.

But, those, who last time were extremely critical with me, said for conclusion, that today I was confident and I had more arguments compared with the last meeting, I seem enthusiastic and therefore the overall picture looked better.


One thought on “Feedback for my research plan

  1. kaipata

    The last question group is good. But i think it depends very much what are the components of professional development, how do you define proffessional development.
    For example is participating in SECI actions an indicator that the teacher is professionally more developed (self-reflective, collaborating, sharing, supporting the other professional partners).
    Sure this is only one part that indicates professional development, the other could be domain-related knowledge an teaching skills, but you are probably not going to measure this in your study. However it may appear that they feel some influence even there, for example learning better methods, learning from example lessons and learning materials, the mistakes of other teachers etc.

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