Teadusmetodoloogia – uurimisplaan



The aim of my doctoral thesis is to develop the framework for learning and knowledge building activities with the technological solution in the cross-border communities which would support teachers’ professional development. The technical environment consists of personal e-portfolio, learning resources repository.

Research questions:

1. How the learning and knowledge building in portfolio-based personal learning environment influences the development of self-directive learning competencies and therefore supports the professional development?

2. How can teachers with their portfolios influence the teaching in universities by bringing in the new knowledge which has been created through practical activities in schools?

3. How the portfolio-based learning environment enables the support of the cross-border knowledge building from the individual or organizational aspects therefore influencing the development of learning organizations and  which methods are the most suitable for the harmonization of the teachers’ individual goals with the  ones of organization.

4. Which methods and strategies are the most effective for the implementation of the teacher training knowledge building scenarios in the Estonian context?

Instrument and data analysis

The semi-structured and focus group interviews will be used as instruments. Interviews will be done repeatedly with different target groups. Interviews will take place in face-to-face meetings, they will be taped and transcribed word-to-word. Additional instrument will be teachers’ written reflections in their portfolio blogs.


As the result of the doctoral thesis, I will provide framework and knowledge building SECI model in teacher training context for dynamically changing organization, which would support the harmonization of the goals of organizations and therefore influences teacher’s cross-border knowledge building between different learning and working communities.


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